2007-09-29 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Sept. 16: Officerpulled over a Thornville man for speeding and found he was driving under suspension. He was charged with DUS and his vehicle was impounded.

• Sept. 16: An abandoned vehicle was towed away from the Travel Plaza parking lot.

• Sept. 17: Officerrecognized a man who had a warrant for his arrest. The man was taken into custody.

• Sept. 19: Someone reported a suspicious vehicle in the Wendy's parking lot. Police found a woman was experiencing vehicle problems and was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive to help her.

• Sept. 19: A woman was arrested for shoplifting from the Family Dollar.

• Sept. 19: There was a report that an emotionally disturbed woman claimed she was chased around the Buckeye Lake Truck Stop parking lot by a man with a flame thrower. No charges were pressed.

• Sept. 20: An officerobserved a man driving whom the officerknew was under suspension. The man was stopped and his vehicle impounded.

• Sept. 21: An officer was dispatched to Foxy's Jewelry where there was a criminal damaging complaint and a complaint that someone was brandishing a weapon toward Foxy's personnel. Upon arrival, the officerwas confronted by nine males, possibly armed. The officerordered them all to the ground. One fled, but gave up quickly. No weapons were found on the boys except for a utility pocket knife. One of the boys claimed another one of the group caused damage at the property. One of the boys was charged with obstruction of justice.

• Sept. 22: A Walnut Road woman said she was having issues with her neighbor. The situation was resolved.

• Sept. 22: An officermade contact with a Union Street man who had a warrant for his arrest.

• Sept. 22: A W. 5th Street woman claimed she was receiving harassing phone calls.

• Sept. 22: A Seymour Street woman said a juvenile came to her house and said his mother was scaring him. Children's Services was called.

• Sept. 22: An intoxicated woman claimed her car was stolen, but later decided not to filea report.

• Sept. 23: A W. 2nd Street man reported his son's bicycle was stolen.

• Sept. 25: A Walnut Road man reported his son's bicycle was stolen.


• Aug. 1: Police on patrol at 12:42 a.m. saw two juveniles on Deacon Street. After checking identification,police discovered they were each 18 years old so they weren't violating curfew.

• Aug. 1: Police on patrol at 1:55 a.m. saw a man walking northbound along Ohio 79. He was trying to flagdown vehicles. He told police his wife was having medical problems and he was trying to get home to help her. Police had a squad dispatched to his home and then took the man home.

• Aug. 1: Police were called about a trailer park resident threatening the manager. The man was upset about a letter he received from the management company. Police got him calmed down and sent him home. The manager didn't want to press charges.

• Aug. 1: A Raspberry Circle man called police about a new double wide home being installed in the trailer park. He claimed the site was in the floodplain and consequently its installation was illegal. Police told him it wasn't a criminal matter.

• Aug. 1: Two Crossroads Manor residents said a young couple came to their door selling books. One resident wrote a $15 check and the other wrote a $108 check. The checks were supposed to buy books for Childrens Hospital. The two later learned that other residents had been given different stories about the donations. Police found the couple who claimed to be out-of-state. They didn't have any identification,but said they were working for an Arizona company. They agreed to give back the donations and checks for about six people. Police then followed them to a Kirkersville motel to check their ID's. They were still unable to produce them, but police spoke with a company supervisor who was told to get a solicitation permit or stay out of Hebron.

• Aug. 2: Police responded to a loud music complaint on Kelly Drive. The residents were advised.

• Aug. 2: Police on patrol at 12:56 a.m. heard a loud bang from the area of the Welcome Inn on West Main Street. Police saw two windows broken out on the backside of the building. Police checked the area, but didn't findanyone. After contacting the owner, police were told that the windows had already been broken. The owner said everything was OK.

• Aug. 2: Police were dispatched to meet a person at the station at 3:09 a.m. A woman there told police she was there to pick up her daughter. Police didn't have her daughter, but checked with Heath Police who did. Police gave her directions to Heath Police.

• Aug. 2: A Raspberry Circle man continued to complain about the installation of a new trailer by repeatedly calling the police department. The park manager told police that he had been banging on residents' vehicles and that she was afraid that he might be a danger to others. Police called Moundbuilders Guidance Center. A staff man came to Hebron to evaluate the man. He wasn't considered an immediate threat to himself or others.

• Aug. 2: Police were called about a suspicious person riding a bike in Canal Park. The complainant alwo thought the man might be a sex offender. Police found the man and learned that he wasn't labeled a sex offender. The man told police that he was just spreading the word of God to others and didn't mean to offend anyone.

• Aug. 2: Police assisted a bail bondsman trying to pick up a Maple Heights trailer park resident on a warrant. He wasn't there.

• Aug. 3: Police were told to look for a hay baler that had pulled down several overhead wires on Cumberland Street. Responding to the call, police saw a hay baler on a trailer pulled into the Union Township garage. The township employee and his son said the wires were already on the roadway when they came through. Police checked the area and learned that a telephone company employee had pulled down the wires by driving a backhoe through the area.

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