2007-09-15 / Editorials & Letters

Center thanks donors


Thanks to wonderful gifts from the Licking County Foundation, Legend Valley promoter Steve Trickle, the Hookah Fans for Food, Hookahville promoter Alicia Kanary and the Licking Township Fire Company, the Jacksontown Outreach Center will now be able to purchase a 13 KW generator. The generator will be used to provide back-up electrical power for the Center's five freezers and refrigerators during power outages.

The Outreach Center is well established and partners with the Licking County Food Network to provide food for over 650 people per month. Thanks to donations from the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, White Chapel UMC, Hebron UMC, Centenary UMC, New Life Community UMC and Johnstown UMC, we are able to feed an additional 250 people per month. Thanks to everyone.

Pastor Bob Beyer Jacksontown Outreach Center

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