2007-09-15 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says council needs to get something done


Last week's letter from Buckeye Lake Council member Hildi Hildebrandt was a joke. Now I know we live in Mayberry RFD.

I'm sure all the bobbleheads agreed to let Charlene Hayden extend her term without a vote by taking over the rest of John Cortez's term. I would like to know why she fears letting voters decide whether she continues on council or not.

Charlene has been on council about four years already and has faced voters only once, two years ago. She was appointed to take Jack Fisk's position when he became too sick to serve. So now she'll have about six years on council, but only had to run once.

Hildi asks that we give council credit for trying to make this a better community. What have you done? The yellow house on Union Avenue that is literally falling down is still there. I still see tall grass, weeds and shacks all over the village. And we still don't have water.

So now I read that council is talking to Millersport about water. Is that because elections are coming up? Could be.

I know who I'm voting for in November - Gomer Pyle. Oh yeah, he's not running. So I guess, I won't be voting for anyone for council. But I know I will vote "no" on any village levies.

Brenda Hileman Buckeye Lake

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