2007-09-15 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports. We just have Buckeye Lake reports this week. We'll have Baltimore and Hebron reports next week.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 28: An officerwas dispatched to the scene of a fight at Union Street. A Sheriff's deputy informed the officerthat one of the participants in the fight was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital. The person told the officerthat a person he knew "got in his face," then punched, kicked, and choked him. The person who beat him up was charged with several counts of domestic violence.

• Aug. 31: A Millersport man reported that someone damaged his car while it was parked in Buckeye Lake.

• Sept. 3: A West 7th Street man said his sister in law stole money from him.

• Sept. 6: An officer found a girl's bicycle in front of the Mr. TAS store. The bike was impounded.

• Sept. 6: An officerdiscovered the license plates on an Oldsmobile sedan were registered to a van. When he pulled over the vehicle, the driver said she knew the plates were meant for the van, but it wasn't running so she transferred the plates to the Olds so she had something to drive. She was issued a citation and the vehicle was impounded.

• Sept. 7: A Columbus man said he was assaulted in the Albanese Food Gallery parking lot, but he filed no charges.

• Sept. 7: Juveniles may have made false 9-1-1 calls from a North Shore pay phone.

• Sept. 7: Police received a report of a possible active domestic dispute near the firestation. They found a couple nearby. Police discovered the female party was hard of hearing and the man was shouting to her so she could hear him.

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