2007-09-08 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

  • Aug. 10: A Georgia man was reported missing from his Georgia home. His family thought he may be in the vicinity of Buckeye Lake.
  • Aug. 31: An officerassisted Hebron Police Department with the recovery of a stolen vehicle.
  • Aug. 31: An Anchors Way man reported someone removed items from his locked vehicle.
  • Aug. 31: A stray dog was reported on Myers Ave.
  • Aug. 31: A vehicle was reported to be parked in a firelane. It was gone when police arrived.
  • Aug. 31: A Walnut Road resident said someone kept driving past and yelling. The resident asked police to tell the person to stop doing so.
  • Aug. 31: A Walnut Road woman said her ex-husband stole money orders from her. She wanted them back.
  • Aug. 31: Police were told there was a fight at a Walnut Road residence, but all was quiet when police arrived.
  • Aug. 31: Officer assisted Hebron Police Department with a breath test for a potential drunk driver.
  • Sept. 1: Officersresponded to a fight call at a Walnut Road residence. One of the participants was charged with assault.
  • Sept. 1: A Walnut Road woman reported that she received an odd phone call from someone asking about her bank account.
  • Sept. 2: A Walnut Road woman reported that her ex-boyfriend made personal threats toward her, but others were unable to confirmher story.
  • Sept. 2: Officerinvestigated an alarm drop at Scooter's bar. An employee accidentally set it off.
  • Sept. 2: A Central Avenue man asked police to ask another man to release his washer and dryer to him. The man released the washer and dryer.
  • Sept. 3: Officersinvestigated a verbal dispute at a Stewart Street residence. The arguing parties were advised to stop.
  • Sept. 3: Police assisted the Ohio Division of Watercraft with a breath test for a potential drunk boater.
  • Sept. 4: For the Aug. 24 police report that says, "A patron of Louie's Corner House handed a bag of marijuana to a police officerwho was on the scene, claiming it was found in the women's room. The patron was taken into custody," Police Chief Ron Small added that the officerwho was on the scene was there to investigate a robbery and was handed the marijuana while investigating the robbery. That information was not in the original report as the robbery was still under investigation.
  • Hebron

  • July 7: Police stopped a suspicious vehicle and noted a strong odor of alcohol. The driver was eventually charged with OVI.
  • July 7: A Canal Road apartment resident told police her ex-boyfriend was harassing her with vulgar text messages and nasty voice mail messages. He was advised.
  • July 8: Police stood by at a Canal Road apartment while the complainant in the previous report moved out of her ex-boyfriend's home.
  • July 8: Police were flagged down in the Kroger parking lot. The owner of Sunee Bunz showed police some pry marks on the front door. Police took photos and made a report.
  • July 8: A Deacon Street resident flagged down police and turned over a micro scooter he found in his front yard.
  • July 8: Police were called at 10:02 p.m. about people arguing on Kelly Court. A woman she and her husband were arguing because he was drunk. She said everything was finenow.
  • July 8: Police checked Sunny Acres for an individual dress in black carrying an object. Police didn't see anyone in the area.
  • July 9: A Broadway Street apartment resident reported the theft of some clothes from a washer in the wash room. After making the report, she called again to tell police her clothes had been returned.
  • July 9: A man told police he found two discolored $5 bills in a dumpster near the coin laundry. He thought they might have been dyed bills from a holdup. Police thought they had been stained by rust in the dumpster. Police took a report.
  • July 9: A Lakewood Drive reported at 7:25 p.m. that she saw a juvenile masturbating in front of her house at 4:30 p.m. Police advised her to report any future incidents more timely.
  • July 9: A Buckeye Lake woman told police she was forced to have sex at an Oakhurst Drive home. The incident is still under investigation.
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