2007-09-08 / Editorials & Letters

Proposed term extension for Hayden supported


I was saddened to open the September 1st issue of the Beacon and see another scathing letter from Peggy Wells.

Several of us council members considered the action that President Charlene Hayden took regarding the vacated seat of John Cortez. She discussed this action with us and we agreed that it would be a good thing for her to do.

President Hayden had been elected by the voters. By selection from the council members, she was elected to the position of President of the Village Council. She has done an excellent job in this position.

It was unfortunate that for the second time a committee meeting was called and Jeryne Peterson, a member of that committee, could not attend because of the time of the meeting.

A number of us are up for reelection. We are all business people with very good credentials and college degrees. We have worked very hard during this difficultperiod of the defaulted water loan and very meager finances. We agonized over the defeat of levies that caused us to make cuts in the Police Department and other places. We watch every penny that is spent by the village departments on a monthly basis.

Please give us credit for trying to make this a better community.

Hilde Hildebrandt, Finance Chair Buckeye Lake Village Council

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