2007-09-08 / Editorials & Letters

Reader says 'only in Buckeye Lake'


Only in Buckeye Lake can all of this be happening. I had to check my address to make sure that I wasn't in Mayberry RFD.

Only here can village council and our mayor raise our taxes to pay for "no water." Now they plan to extend Charlene Hayden's term by two years without any input from voters. Our mayor says it is "OK."

It seems our mayor and council will do whatever they want. We don't get a chance to do anything about it.

I went down to the Board of Elections to see who is running this November. After looking at the list, I don't see much hope for change. It's basically them and us "outsiders."

I don't why the mayor considers everybody not on council an "outsider," since we're the ones paying the bills. This town belongs us to "outsiders" and it is time for the mayor and council to respect our opinions. We deserve the right to vote whether Hayden gets four more years or none.

Brenda Hileman Buckeye Lake

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