2007-09-08 / Editorials & Letters

Writer 'thanks' Wells for letter about Hayden appointment


Thanks, Peggy for your recent Letter to the Editor. Getting Charlene Hayden's name in the headline for the letter is very good advertising for her, especially when she has just applied for a political seat. Also, thanks for making sure that our residents know you do not agree with Ms. Hayden. This helps our voters make an informed decision when they go to the polls.

Thanks for being very clear that only one council member, Jeryne Peterson, objected to Charlene Hayden's suggested appointment to the recently vacated council seat. Thanks for mentioning toward the end of your letter that it is "not illegal" for a current council member to apply for a vacated seat. I'm quite sure you verified that information through the Board of Elections or the Ohio Municipal League. I am still puzzled about how Ms. Hayden is cheating the voters out of voting on a seat that is appointed by council, or how she is cheating when she is doing something that is "not illegal." Oh well, I'm sure you will clear this up for the residents in your next positive and uplifting editorial.

James Stein Buckeye Lake

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