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'Watchdog' says you're gambling just entering Kirkersville


Even though Kirkersville is no Las Vegas, it seems as though you are gambling just by entering the corporation limits. I am told that one of the Kirkersville Kops was recently observed STANDING along Interstate 70 (just inside the limits) motioning for cars to pull over! The motorists pulled over and then the officerpulled the cruiser in behind them. STANDING along the freeway is dangerous no matter who you are. The Kirkersville GOB's (Good Ole' Boys) need to get control of this officerbefore he gets someone or himself killed.

A hidden "reduced speed" sign sits on 158 (at the overpass) but applies to those about to go north on Outville Road. By the time you see the 35 mph speed limit sign, it's too late! Most people don't realize that municipalities have to properly display signs before they can enforce them.

You can be given a ticket for allegedly speeding, running a stop sign, or whatever else. The GOB's in this town are gambling that you will just pay the fineand forget it! And their gamble usually pays off because most people will pay the ticket, even though they feel they are innocent, rather than take the time to come back into town. There are few who try to fight citations in Mayor's Court. But for those who do, the solicitor will often talk to you before court begins and make you think they are doing you a favor. They will typically offer to reduce the ticket to a non-moving violation rather than you having to take a day off work and fight it in municipal court in Newark. You just pay the fineand court costs (which are pretty steep) and your are on your way! Once again, most succumb to this offer.

Three people are running for two seats on council. They are Gary Raines, Erika Mudd and Steve Martin. A flyer passed around town by Erika Mudd made these statements: "I believe that when an individual holds any type of officethey are but a trusted servant. Your opinions and ideas are important to me." She claims to be unbiased and wants to look at every aspect of an issue before forming an opinion and even claims to want your input.

But some of her statements in her letters in the Beacon have accused me of following Mayor Evans around by showing up at a PUBLIC meeting; she implied that I should not be asking him ANY questions; and she basically said if you don't like what's going on…leave. And don't forget that she thought that "just because you can go to a PUBLIC meeting doesn't mean you should." If she gets a council seat, I believe she will not welcome the public to public meetings nor will she welcome questions. I think she made that clear. And don't forget she is a neighbor of Mayor Evans, council member Piatt and BPA member/street worker Rohr.

In response to Steve Martin: Since the operating levy is going to be on the ballot (for the third time) in November, I listed some expenditures, not necessarily as complaints, but so that people can see where some of their money is going. For example, some people may wonder why the village is paying $80 per month for 'high speed' Internet when they can get a lighter version (which is all they need) for $20. In the past, we found that some village employees were using the computers and playing around on the Internet. But maybe more importantly, why is the village paying almost $13,000 for Rhinehart, Walters & Danner? Why does the Village Clerk (who gets paid to do the job he was elected to do) need an assistant who is costing the taxpayers $20 per hour?! And how often are a couple of computers breaking down that they need to keep Computer Jerk Bill Harper on payroll at the rate of $30 per hour?! You may think some of these expenditures are trivial, but people have to pinch pennies these days and the GOB's should too.

Steve Martin commented that one of the candidates for mayor, Terry Ashcraft, has not been to a council meeting in four years, then wondering out loud why he is even running and claiming he can't know what is going on in the village. How childish! Has Mr. Martin been to ALL of the council meetings in the last four years?! How do we know what is going on in the COUNTRY if we can't attend all meetings?

Lastly, I recall that Steve Martin had an issue with me only being a citizen of Kirkersville and not a property owner. I am fairly certain that Steve Martin and Erika Mudd are NOT property owners in Kirkersville.

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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