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'Watchdog' explains political satire


I would hope that Erika Mudd reads my letters carefully. I DON'T CARE that she looked at public records to do "homework" on me. I DO care that she seems to be more concerned about ME rather than where our tax dollars are going or what our politicians are doing. I did question her MOTIVES and I now believe that I understand her motives since I have found, through public records, prior to the printing of last week's Beacon that she filed a petition to run for a seat on the Kirkersville council. When were you going to mention that, Ms. Mudd?!

Because I went to a PUBLIC meeting, Ms. Mudd made the allegation that I am FOLLOWING Mayor Bennie (Jim) Evans. Ms. Mudd also made the statement that "just because you can (show up for a public meeting) doesn't mean you should." Sadly, that's the same mentality that the GOB's have and may show the voters of Kirkersville that a vote for Ms. Mudd may be a vote to keep the current shady government alive and well.

You can accuse me of "name calling" and that's your opinion but I believe it is called 'political satire.' I write about public officials in their officialcapacity and sometimes those officials act like "clowns", "geeks" or "jerks" ESPECIALLY when they are doing things that they don't want the public to know about such as shooting pellets at each other on the steps at town hall; or using his council position to talk council into creating a $30 per hour job for himself; or giving jobs to and inspecting jobs for his son-in-law(s); or getting 90% of his jobs from his father-in-law at the county and getting paid before jobs are complete…jobs that have to be re-done by another contractor. Do I need to go on? I will be enjoying the peace and quiet of my own home in Buckeye Lake and will be out from under the thumb of the Kirkersville GOB's. I will continue getting public records from Kirkersville and writing about the Kirkersville GOB's as long as they continue being GOB's! My phone number will remain 740-964-9651 and my website, kirkersvillewatchdog.com will continue.

In closing, here are some Mayor's Court revenues that you may findinteresting: June July Hebron $2422 $1759 Buckeye Lake $3189 $1412 Kirkersville $5024 $8536

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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