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More Letters: Wells says Hayden is trying to hide from voters


No where else but in Buckeye Lake…does a council member cheat the voters by robbing them of their right to elect their own representatives!

Council President Charlene Hayden has manipulated a way to stay on council two more years without running for re-election. She wants to resign from her own seat which will expire at the end of the year and get council to appoint her to John Cortez's vacated seat which has two years left. The plan was discussed at Monday night's council meeting.

How pathetic and disgraceful! According to the recording of Monday's meeting, Mayor Frank Foster doesn't have any problem with Charlene evading her date with voters. He says, "It's very much in line with what the corporate world would do- give promotions from within. You don't limit yourself to people outside." If you have one who "already has experience and has done an excellent job, it's the most reasonable approach of all," according to Foster.

Wake up, Frank! Buckeye Lake may be incorporated but it's not a "cor-por-a-tion!" "People outside?" Don't you get it? What about democracy? What about the taxpayers? Ever heard of 'No Taxation without Representation?' You and Charlene have obviously forgotten what it means to be accountable to your constituency? You have no shame and don't even understand the appearance of impropriety!

Foster was very vocal at the Aug. 27 council meeting defending Hayden's scheme. Council member Jeryne Peterson was the only member who objected and argued strongly that it was a "bizarre" idea. She questioned whether Hayden was afraid of losing her council seat in a "real" election. Good for Peterson! Finally, someone on that council displays some integrity and speaks the truth!

When Peterson suggested that someone besides a current council member should be appointed, Foster asked her, "So you would appoint someone who has no council experience over someone who has experience?" Hey Frank, when you joined OUR group some six years ago to run for mayor, did YOU have mayoral experience???

It's not illegal, but does that make it right? Would we stand for the Governor or the President concocting a way to extend their terms of officeto avoid an election that was scheduled for their particular seat?

As required by our village charter, the last election split the candidates into two categories. The top three candidates got four-year terms and the other four candidates got two-year terms. Hayden came in fifth place out of eight candidates so she got a twoyear term. Instead of running on her merits and record, she's using her position to pull strings and hide from voters.

No where else but in Buckeye Lake can you finagle to keep an expiring council seat without facing voters. No where else but in Buckeye Lake does the Mayor call the residents "outsiders!" No where else but ….is this a great village or what?

Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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