2007-09-01 / Editorials & Letters

Writer responds to 'watchdog's' letter about expenditures


I would like to first clarify some of the expenditures from last week's letter from Bonnie Mansfield.

The bill from Time Warner Cable for the amount of $80.53 is for the high speed Internet service that the town hall is currently using. the bill from Acme Elevator Service & Repair in the amount of $5,350 went toward the elevator being fully serviced. Cables in an elevator are supposed to be serviced and/or replaced every fiveyers. The last time the elevator at town hall was serviced was in the 80s.

In her letter, Bonnie Mansfieldalso brought up the bat situation at town hall. Yes, there are bats in the bell tower. But, there are no plans to dispose of them. Over the eyars, bat guano has been building p in the bell tower, thus making the wood at the base of the tower start to detriorate. There are plans to remove the bats in a way that will not harm them. The system that is being looked into is designed to let the bats out, but not back in. Let me reassure you once again that the bats will not be harmed in any way, shape or form.

I have hear a lot of citizens talking about the current water issue in the village. Some talk is good and some talk is not so good. The next regular council meeting is on Wednesday, Sept. 5. I encourage the citizens of Kirkersville to come and voice your opinion on the water issue.

Another I would like to address is about the mayoral race here n the village. One of the candidates (Terry Ashcraft) has not been to a council meeting in four years, thus making one wonder why he is even running. Surely he can't know what is going on in the village.

Steve Martin Kirkersville

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