2007-09-01 / Editorials & Letters

Parent praises Lakewood


As the new school year starts, I would like to say how lucky we are to be in the Lakewood School District. As a parent of a special education student, I have seen how Lakewood truly takes pride in the education of all students.

What started out as a very frustrating and overwhelming experience in Kindergarten for my child last year, ended up being a very rewarding and successful year. We have the staff at Hebron Elementary to thank for this. Mrs. Bindley worked hard to adjust his schedule to his needs and used alternative methods of teaching that would enable him to be able to read. Mrs. Blaine made sure he was included in the typical classroom.

Special education aide Mrs. Sherburn gave him the security he needed but at the same time promoted independence. We are so grateful to all the staff for their compassion and dedication to their students.

Melissa McBride Union Township

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