2007-09-01 / Editorials & Letters

Land use survey results to be presented September 4


A presentation of the results of the Liberty Township Land Use Survey will be given at 7 PM on Tuesday, September 4th at the Pickerington Church of Christ (corner of Ohio 256 and Stoudertown Road).

I would like to ask everyone who lives in or is thinking about whether to live in Liberty Township to consider attending the presentation by Ron Galliher. The results presented will play a significantrole in our community's future. I and other members of the Liberty Township Land Use Plan Committee were excited to see that so many in our community took the time to fillout the survey (555 of the 1525, or 36.4%). This showed everyone that our community cared enough about our township to help the committee understand what you wanted and expected of this township.

I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Galliher for spending a significantamount of their own time (in excess of 150 hours) in tabulating the results and preparing this presentation.

What, if anything, do you like best/least about living in Liberty Township? How satisfied are you with living in Liberty Township? How are the local schools? Should the township encourage/discourage industrial/warehouse, apartments, and/or commercial to build in our neighborhoods? Should we have a single contract for trash pickup and/or more access to public sewer and water? The answers to these and many other assorted questions will be presented. Find out about the future of our community.

Scott Wray Liberty Township

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