2007-09-01 / Editorials & Letters

Letter prompted writer to review his own views


In response to the very thoughtful letter in a recent issue from Victoria G. Wolfe regarding the state of politics in America. I concur with the six points she stated. Without doubt many of us have arrived at the same conclusions. Too often let down by our representatives some of whom appear to be more engaged in "gotcha politics" and "political survival" than in achieving what is best for this great country and it is great.

What are we to do ? Stay informed. Stay engaged. Will the voice of the people be heard ? Not always but keeping up the pressure on our representatives throughcontact and ballot box will oftentimes make the difference. A recent example was the defeat of the Immigration Bill which at first appeared to be a done deal. Many groups and individuals disagreed and through substantial pressure fought to have it defeated. Pro or con, activism worked in this case.

Personally when I get to thinking "what's the use?", I think of the sacrifices our brave military has made enduring horror and death in places like Normandy and Tarawa and too many like them. What should I say to these brave men and women but thank you for allowing me to enjoy the freedom, denied to many, of expressing my agreement or disagreement with the actions of my representatives. Those who love our country and our communities need to be engaged and vigilant.

Thanks to your letter writer Victoria G. Wolfe for raising the questions and prompting me to review my own viewpoints.

Lou Maresca Harbor Hills

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