2007-09-01 / Editorials & Letters

Sweet Corn Festival benefits many community organizations


The Millersport Lions Club is hosting its 61st Sweet Corn Festival this weekend at Historic Lions Park. Our motto is We Serve, and we are fortunate to be serving a community that gives as much as it receives.

Our largest annual fundraising project continues to be the Sweet Corn Festival, which is today recognized as one of the largest all-volunteer efforts around. There are so many quality civic and charitable organizations represented at the festival, that one should not findit difficultto support a cause that meets their expectations.

The Greater Buckeye Lake business community does a tremendous job supporting us as corporate supporters, purchasing advertisements and donating prizes and supplies. Please give them your support year round because they are there when schools, churches, clubs and organizations need them.

Without the assistance and cooperation from Millersport's Mayor and Council, Walnut Township Trustees, Millersport- Walnut Twp. Fire Department, Millersport Police, Water & Street Departments, Walnut Township Local Schools and Board of Education, and the FairfieldCounty Sheriff Officeeach and every year we would not still be hosting this event.

Most important are our neighbors and residents of Millersport that must endure four days each year of excessive traffic, litter, noise, and dust. They have been very tolerant and we appreciate the sacrifices they make for the community good.

On behalf of the 100 men and women that make up the Millersport Lions Club, thanks for giving us 61 wonderful years!

Ron Keller General Chairman Sweet Corn Festival, Inc.

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