2007-08-25 / Editorials & Letters


By Dean Severance, Mayor of Millersport

Greetings from the "Port". I want to update residents on projects and to also highlight areas of interest or concern.

Construction on your new Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is about 70% complete and should be completed around the middle of October. Zaryl Stamford, GGC Engineering's on-site project manager, is very pleased with our contractor, Crace Construction and their progress. The WTP will be able to process 1 million gallons of water per day and is built to be easily expanded to 2 million gallons per day.

Our Police Department will be stepping up their patrols for curfew violations. For a copy of the curfew ordinance you can contact the Village Hall at 467-2333. Parents, please understand that charges can and will be pressed against you for your children if they are repeat offenders. The purpose of the curfew is to protect

residents and your children.

Last week we had a couple of beautiful flower pots on the bridge vandalized.

Kim Oxley of Hometown Hotdogs worked so hard to beautify our community with these flowers and it is a real shame to see them broken. If anyone has information on

this incident or any other vandalism, please contact me or the Police Department.

Effective immediately, the Village has put into place a policy regarding on-thestreet

fundraising in the Village. On-the-street fundraising will be limited to nonprofit

organizations that are based in Millersport or have ties to Millersport. There will be

no fundraising on Sundays. We have developed a form for on-the-street fundraising

that must be completed before asking for donations. The forms are available at

the Village Hall. There is also a sign-up sheet there to reserve a date and time.

Any organization without a form on file or that has not signed up will be asked to cease their activity. The purpose of this policy is to allow all organizations an equal

opportunity to raise needed funds.

The Village has been in the process of sending out notices of zoning violations

for various violations. The most common violations have been tall grass/weeds,

trash and garbage, and unlicensed motor vehicles. The Village has adopted a

property maintenance code. The Village will place a copy on our Village website at

www.millersportohio.com. The property maintenance code includes a $100/per day penalty for violations that are not corrected within the time frame given in the notice of violation. The purpose of the code is to protect the health, safety and welfare of our Village and to protect the property values of residents and to keep our village looking nice. The Village plans on stepping up enforcement efforts.

The Village would like to thank Madeline Utley for over 40 years of dedicated service. Madeline's last day with the Village was May 31, 2007. The community is invited to a dedication ceremony at 10:30 a.m. this Saturday morning, August 25. Millersport Village Hall is being named The Madeline L. Utley Municipal Building and a bronze plaque will be unveiled at the dedication. Refreshments will be served.

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