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'Watchdog' reviews some more public records


Kirkersville citizens interested in running for elected positions have only until 4 p.m. Thursday (August 23) to turn in a petition to the Board of Elections in order to get their names on the ballot in November. I believe the following seats are up for re-election:

Mayor 2 Council seats Clerk-Treasurer

Board of Public Affairs

According to public records, some of the expenditures for the month of July are:

Payroll $6946.86

Computer "Jerk" Bill Harper $172.50

Clerk's Assistant, Melissa Tremblay $184.00

ACME Elevator Service & Repair $5,350.00

Staples- Ink Cartridges/Envelopes $161.25

Tractor Supply $18.36

Flying J $440.02

Time Warner Cable $80.53

And the month of June included expenditures such as:

Tractor Supply $267.72

Rhinehart, Walters & Danner $12,659.00

Flying J $500.22 Time Warner Cable $80.53

Gates McDonald $307.00

The July 11th minutes reflect that GOB Mike (Cloud) has made a discovery! Yes…he "told council of bats in the bell tower!" 'Bats in the belfry'…just as I suspected. What I truly suspect is that he is planning to dispose of these creatures since there was a mention in the minutes. ONE bat can eat about 3000 insects in ONE SINGLE NIGHT! More than likely, bats have been there for decades. Mr. Cloud seems to continually search for ways to spend your tax dollars. The GOB's should do some FREE research on the benefits of having bats around. In fact, they are no doubt more beneficialthan having Mr. Cloud around!

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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