2007-08-18 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 7: An officerwas dispatched to a burglary call where a woman, who was at her mother's house, reported a burglary. She said a man entered the house, then ran out. Police located the man, who was a neighbor. He said he just came over to borrow an XBox controller and the door swung open when he knocked. He said he was just reaching in to close the door.

• Aug. 10: The owner of a vehicle that was parked in the street for several days was advised to move it.

• Aug. 11: A Newark man wanted an officerto accompany him while he attempted to get his kids from his ex-wife, who lives in Buckeye Lake. She refused to let the kids go with him and tried to slash the man's tire. But, the knife wasn't strong enough to cut the tire; it bent. The officerstopped the woman from smashing the man's windshield with rocks. The man left the scene. She was charged with aggravated menacing.

• Aug. 11: An officerinvestigated a loud music call. The music was low when police arrived, but the homeowner was advised that police received a complaint.

• Aug. 11: An officerassisted Buckeye Lake State Park officerswith an intoxicated boater.

• Aug. 12: A man threatened to set himself on fireat the Albanese Food Gallery. He had been off of his medication for 48 to 72 hours and voluntarily checked himself into Licking Memorial Hospital.

• Aug. 12: An officerassisted Buckeye Lake State Park officerswith a call at the North Shore Boat Ramp.

• Aug. 12: A Slocum Avenue woman who was in a hurry to get to work, drove into a fence but didn't stop to inform the owner of the fence. Later, the woman was approached by police and told them she intended to inform the fence owner later. She was charged with failure to control and hit/skip.

• Aug. 13: Several West 1st Street residents said a neighbor was making threats toward them. The person making the threats is on probation and was charged with aggravated menacing.

• Aug. 13: An officerassisted the Licking County Sheriff's Officewith a reported fight at Ohio 360 and Lakeside Drive. The fight dispersed by the time officersarrived.

• Aug. 13: Police assisted Hebron Police with the arrest of a juvenile.

• Aug. 13: An officer was dispatched to a domestic violence call. No one was there when officerarrived, but the officerspotted a woman walking next to the road crying. When the officerstopped, she began yelling and cursing at the officer.After repeated warnings, the officertried to restrain her, but she began hitting the officer.She was eventually calmed, but charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstructing officialbusiness.


• June 21: A manager at the Village Square apartments complained that several juveniles were causing trouble there by putting lawn furniture in the creek and throwing trash around. Police advised the juveniles who didn't live there to stay off the property. The manager addressed the one resident with his mother.

• June 22: Police made a traffic stop on Hebron Road for a stop sign violation. Police discovered the driver didn't have a license. Two citations were issued.

• June 22: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at U.S. 40 and cited the driver for travelling 68 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• June 22: Police were called at 7:11 p.m. about an unoccupied vehicle with its engine running in the Park National Bank parking lot. Police called the owner who said her husband locked his keys inside the vehicle. She had another set of keys, but couldn't unlock the car until she got off work.

• June 23: Police were called to assist Buckeye Lake Police with an active domestic dispute in the Wendy's parking lot. No one was there when police arrived.

• June 23: Police were told the location of two bikes that they had been seeking. The bikes were recovered from a creek along Canal Road.

• June 23: Police saw a limousine stopped along Ohio 79. The driver said he had lost a rear tire and was waiting for help to arrive.

• June 23: Police were sent to check on a Buckeye Lake officeron West 5th Street who wasn't responding to radio checks. Everything was OK.

• June 24: A West North Street resident told police that her 18- year-old daughter was missing after she got into an argument with her fiance and got out of a vehicle on Cristland Hill Road. The mother called her daughter and reached her daughter while police were there. Police confirmedthat she wasn't hurt.

• June 24: A Duke station employee reported a $7 driveoff and provided a license number. Police contacted the owner who agreed to return and pay the charge.

• June 25: A South 7th Street resident reported a person taking other people's trash. Police couldn't locate the person.

• June 25: An East Main Street business owner reported the theft of several items from in front of a garage.

• June 25: An East Main Street resident reported the theft of a bike and the chain that was securing it to a rail outside the home.

• June 25: Police were called about an open door on a South 7th Street home. The door had been kicked in. Police, with assistance from Buckeye Lake Police, searched the vacant, foreclosed home. The only damage was to the door frame.

• June 26: Police were called about a person sleeping in a vehicle in the Park National Bank parking lot at 7:50 a.m. The man told police he got off work at 7 a.m. and fell aslept while waiting for the bank to open at 9 a.m.

• June 26: A Kelly Drive resident reported seeing a juvenile throwing rocks and eventually breaking a sign on Lakewood Drive. The juvenile's parents were advised.

• June 26: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police on West 4th Street after two people reported being assaulted by another person with a 2x4. Police took photos of the victims.

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