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'Watchdog' will still be sniffing around Kirkersville


First of all, Ms. Mudd, let's get one thing straight. You may have looked at public records and saw where I bought a house, but you haven't seen public records indicating that my residence is not Kirkersville. When my husband and I were fortunate enough to buy a house, the first thing I did was to inform the "powers that be." This includes police officersand other public officials INCLUDING a couple of Kirkersville GOB's (Good Ole' Boys)! It is no secret that I intend to make Buckeye Lake my permanent home but that will not be officialuntil September 1st . You will see Buckeye Lake under my name in the first September issue of the Beacon.

Secondly, I am a private citizen, not a public officialand the fact that you would be doing "homework" on ME and are not concerned about where your tax dollars are going, or what the politicians are doing, might make some of us question your motives. As I have said before, no matter where I reside, I will continue to write about Kirkersville as long as the GOB's continue their New Rome antics.

You are certainly entitled to "thank the police" for whatever you choose. But there was no indication that the driver was driving dangerously nor was he warned for such. He was warned for speeding, when he was NOT speeding. Police officersmust OBEY the laws before they can be trusted to ENFORCE the laws. What kind of world would this be if police or GOB's could just randomly make up their own laws? It would be a great big NEW ROME!

Since you claim that you have never met nor talked to Bennie Evans, I wonder where you get the idea that I am "following" him or that I asked "off-topic questions" OR that I treat him with "significanthostility!" I attended a PUBLIC meeting that he also attended. I warn you to be careful of what you accuse me of. If you have read my past letters, you would know that I tape record the meetings that I attend, partly to defend myself against false accusations.

And lastly, your insults echo of the same personal attacks that I have had to endure from some of the Kirkersville GOB's (Good Ole' Boys). I will tell you the same thing that I have told some of them: Your time is no more valuable than mine and your taxpayer status is not worth more than mine. I hope that you never experience a police officeraccusing you of something you haven't done. I hope that you never have to pay your hard-earned money to a town of GOB's for something you don't deserve. Much like yourselves, the adults in my home are also very busy TAXPAYERS. And, we, too, have raised children; Four children (whom I believe are some of the most wonderful people that God ever put breath in). We taught them to "do THEIR homework" and make an informed decision when they go to the polls. I hope you do the same.

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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