2007-08-18 / Editorials & Letters

More thanks from BLACA's Tour of Homes


This is just a quick note to thank all the young blooded friends who answered my call for dock volunteers for the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association Tour of Homes last Sunday. You worked the hardest job and did it like old pros too. I'm so glad you had a good time doing it as well. Please remember there will always be a tour next year. Merv and the BLACA board need younger people to tackle that job each and every year. The more experienced you are with and around boats the better. As a matter of fact, BLACA always needs experienced pontoon owner/drivers as well as first mates.

Rick Thompson, my first mate, left so quickly that I didn't get to thank him and his son who worked one of the docks. Rick did all the work and I did all the sitting in the shade and talking. I just love it when that happens.

Also I'm sending a big kiss and hug to the gang at Roxy's Pizza in Millersport. You all did a great job of cranking those pies out much earlier than requested especially the second order. You made me look good and I can't thank you enough.

As Merv and our visitors will agree, this was the best tour all the way around. It was like a fineoiled machine and I was proud and pleased to be a small part of it.

Victoria Wolfe West Bank

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