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Writer grows sour on political process, politicians


Recently I got a personal phone call from State Senator Tim Schaffer asking me to help with funding his campaign. Below was the e-mail I sent back to him. I wanted to share it with you so you get a better picture of who I am and what I believe.


I just wanted you to know I did receive an expensive looking invitation to your fund raiser along with your personal phone call. Some how, when I gave you a check last year I ended up on every Republican mailing list and some others as well. It taught me a lesson as most of life does every day. Since you saw fitto take the time to make that personal phone call, I feel it gave me cause and an invitation to respond.

I am fast becoming a non-believer in America's government as do many of the people I interact with during the course of any given day. I am at the point where it is clear that voting for anyone, Republican or Democrat will get you un-represented. Voting gets you the lesser of evils? By the time any politician has any power, they owe so many favors to the wrong people that the rest of us get screwed.

Please don't miss understand me Tim, that check I sent last year was because you stood up on the House floor and said what should have been said. I realize many politicians would not have stuck their neck out.

I saw you at the Buckeye Lake VFW Memorial dedication which is where you should have been along with many others that couldn't be bothered. I would thank you, but I feel that is where you belonged. Below is a list of things that have me so soured on "the process" of American politics. Until they are fixed I won't finda dime to give any politician.

1). The soldiers who serve this country and their families are sometimes treated like third class citizens when it should be just the opposite. America is willing to put a gun in an eighteen year olds hand, but not a beer. A veteran can't smoke a cigarette in his/her own club even though they were willing to give their life for that freedom.

2). The health insurance piracy in this country is disgraceful. I don't need to elaborate.

3). God is being ripped from everything that this country was founded on. It has proven to be a bad road to go down and it's getting worse daily.

4). Foreigners use to take pride in learning America's English language. Now we who are third, four and fifth generation Americans have no choice but to press 1 for English.

5). If politicians and government officials were part of the same Social Security System that most of us are on, they would make huge changes at a very fast pace.

6). I think the obscene amount of money raised for campaigns is the saddest thing in America today. A limit should have been placed on campaign funding a long time ago. Just imagine how much money there would be to support our soldiers if there was a limit. Sadly they wouldn't see a dime and there in lies my bottom line.

Funding a politician's campaign is the last place my money is needed. My humble opinion is if you represent the majority along with what is right and just, you will be reelected with out my little bit of chump change. One thousand dollars can help buy a leg for a veteran. It could buy a couple of days of hospice care for the dying.

Tim, I love being an American, but I can't say I respect the direction we are headed. I hope you will understand where I'm coming from. Good luck to you in your re-election, I do think you're one of the good guys in a "process" that sucks.

Victoria G. Wolfe West Bank

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