2007-08-11 / Editorials & Letters

Writer appreciates Kirkersville's low crime, safety


I will respond to the most recent watchdog letter. This is not something I intend to make a habit of. I work an opposite shift than my husband. Between caring for our two small children and working full time the adults in my home are very busy taxpayers.

I don't need public records to understand that name-calling brings no positive results. I don't need to search public records to know that if you break the law, even if it's something as unimportant to you as failing to properly identify your vehicle, you should be prepared to make the necessary restitution. I don't need to spend time following folks around to know that I'd be unwelcome to ask off-topic questions (or any questions for that matter) to someone whom I'd treated with significanthostility. I don't need the records to tell me that speeding on the freeway is still speeding, or to tell me that it would be dangerous to pull out of the Flying J without stopping. If there is a stop sign there, you should stop. There is something to be said for obedience to the unenforceable. I don't need to look up public records to know that it's dangerous to drive 50 mph in front of a busy truck stop. As you stated, the officerdid not cite the driver, he warned them for their own safety. Again, thank you to the Kirkersville Police.

I did findsome time this evening to do a bit of "homework", and what I learned was rather interesting. It's amusing, Ms. Mansfield,that you were disappointed that a member of the CDAC was not a resident of Licking County. I see that you are a resident of Buckeye Lake. You're signing your editorials "Kirkersville" when you are no longer a resident of the village? Where is this honesty that you're demanding from others?

Ms. Mansfield,you absolutely have a right to exercise the first amendment. That doesn't mean that the manner in which you are exercising it is appropriate, or effective.

And Mayor Evans? You and I have never met and had a conversation, but I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you that my family and I enjoy living in Kirkersville. We appreciate our low crime rate, and safe community. Thank you.

Erika Mudd Kirkersville

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