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Writer questions Cookston's motives


I'm responding to the letter about Peggy Wells from Kellie Green. To my knowledge, Karen Cookston has never had a problem voicing her opinion to divert her vested interest. I do not know of any job where multitasking is not mandatory from time to time. Maybe Ms. Cookston has "too much on her plate!"

I would imagine a financial advisory position would be very time consuming. I would guess the majority of us would never work that many hours a day unless at some point there would be a grand payback.

Ms. Cookston's single defense is to always declare "personal issues" whenever you don't agree with here. That is so lame. I do not care for her politics. I did not care for the fact that sometimes the "i's" were not dotted and occasionally the "t's" were crossed. At least Ms. Wells has been consistent.

In the past I truly loved my former community of Buckeye Lake. Many residents travel for the winter. In the summer, we were home seven days a week, not just for some weekends. I have lost count of how many years that Ms. Cookston was the president of the Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association. Her position there has always been a conflictof interest.

I have not always agreed with Ms. Wells. Here's my take on the situation. I love to garden, but I have found some weeds to be very invasive while, on the other hand, I have found weeds that supply greenery and don't choke out other plants.

I have relocated to another residential area at Buckeye Lake. Unfortunately, I am beginning to think there is some school out there that teaches Civic Duties and Homeowners Association Board Member 101. I need to take the part of the course that teaches you how to control with no tact and above all - don't do it fairly. Oh and also keep that ulterior motive right on top of that to do list. Maybe that is why Ms. Cookston works all those precious hours.

Anita Chaffins Harbor Hills

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