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'Watchdog' says she supplies the information for others to act on


In response to Erika Mudd's letter in last week's Beacon: First of all, I take the time to look at public records and then exercise my First Amendment rights and write a letter to the Beacon reporting what the minutes say. I inform the citizens of things such as the GOB's (Good Ole' Boys) spent $400 on a chain saw and $500 on signs, so that you can make your own determination on expenditures. Some of us see that and say, "Hmmmm, didn't they just buy signs and a chainsaw? And why do they need a chainsaw since they hire a tree service company?" You can findthe answers and then make an informed decision when you go to the polls.

As far as you thanking the police for all of the citations, it is certainly your privilege and right to do so, but, please, do your own homework before you believe that all citations are for speeding and that they are deserved. You will probably findtickets are being written for things such as 'no front tags' and I'm pretty sure you will also findthat there are still citations being written on an UNENFORCEABLE stop sign at the Flying J and that most speeding tickets are written on the freeway. And, finally, get your neighbor, Bennie (Jim) Evans to explain some of the following issues.

The Licking County Community Development Advisory Committee held another meeting on July 11th to address a complaint from a homeowner participating in the Licking County Planning Commission's rehab program. The complaint about poor quality work was made against Bennie (Jim) Evans' son-in-law who was one of the program's listed contractors. Evans is the inspector for the program. While several of us were waiting for the meeting to convene, I asked Bennie Evans who was the Kirkersville Zoning Inspector. He snapped that he "wasn't here to discuss Kirkersville." Not two minutes later, one of the CDAC members arrived and sat down near Evans and politely asked him, "How's things in Kirkersville?" Evans had the look of the proverbial 'deer caught in the headlights' while he answered, "Okay, I guess."

One of the CDAC members came in and told the others they would have to get him "up to speed" on this case since he missed the first meeting. He was nominated to serve as acting chair (by the others) since the chair was not present. I was disheartened that he had an entire month to review this case and obviously had not done so. While some of the members of the CDAC seemed very caring and conscientious, I was also disappointed to findthat at least one of the members of this LICKING COUNTY committee is not even a resident of Licking County and another member's spouse is one of the contractors on the Planning Commission's list of contractors. Only about fivemembers of this nine member committee showed up at each meeting.

Although my question was not answered by Bennie Evans, I soon found the name of the mysterious Kirkersville Zoning Inspector. And just as I suspected, one of Evans' former coworkers has been "recycled" into the position. Tom Frederick is the new Kirkersville Zoning Inspector according to a notice on the door of town hall. Mr. Frederick retired from the Licking County Planning Commission a couple of years ago.

Here's another tidbit from public records. One police officer's log makes it appear that he is patrolling in front of Flying J. He then stops a vehicle who he claims is traveling 50 mph in a 35 mph. Even though this traveler was given a warning, does the officerrealize that the speed limit in front of Flying J is FIFTY mph?

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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