2007-08-04 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says costs are too high for retirees


We as retired people and many who are on a fixed income wonder how much longer the greed of our government, utilities, prescription drugs, garbage pick up, home taxes, sewer and water rates, gasoline, hospitals, and, of course, the doctors are becoming more greater.

My gas company has been sold again and now is listed as a co-op, and therefore is not subject to the PUCO and can charge whatever they want to. My natural gas bill has risen by almost one half, and no one in government will help fight this. On top of this they have a $55 disconnect fee, and a $1000 fee for a reconnection fee. They have someone else doing the billing, someone else doing the maintenance service - they just sit back and take the money.

I am on insulin for diabetes and it has gone up $40 after our government gave us Plan D this year. I have already hit the donut hole by the first of July. And then there are the doctors; they want to retire in twenty years…

Garbage pick up has gone up more than $20 for three months,

My house tax appraisal has gone up $41,290 this year again with the same house. So much for our governor's new 25% homestead exemption; it has just been eaten up.

Sewer rates are doubling in the next three years, water rates are going up soon.

As far as rasing the value on our homes, I would like to know what I am getting for my buck and for the life of me I cannot findone improvement they have done for us. My road has needed repaved for the last three years and I still do not have working storm sewers. Our building inspectors still allow people to get by with anything. We also need more law enforcement.

Noel Dusan Millersport

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