2007-07-28 / News

New yacht club history is available

BUCKEYE LAKE - The 100- year history of the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club is now available in a hardback book.

"An Illustrated History of the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club, A Narrative of the Origin and Development of the Club Through Its First Century: 1906-2006" is now available. The nearly 150-page book includes a narrative history of the Club from its beginnings in 1906 through the 2006 Centennial Year festivities. The book was edited and written by member Tony Lisska.

The history of the Club and Buckeye Lake are closely intertwined. Initially, Buckeye Lake was a shallow swamp unfitfor boating. Read how George Watkins, the namesake for the BLYC island, helped findfunds to turn the swamp into a navigable body of water.

The book includes a collection of Greg Miller's full-color photographs of the Centennial Year Celebrations and a number of the late Chance Brockway's photographs are also included.

A limited number of copies are available for $39.50 per copy which includes shipping and sales tax. Please send checks payable to the "Buckeye Lake Yacht Club" to BLYC Centennial Committee, P. O. Box 1592, Buckeye Lake, OH 43008.

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