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Take time with people

Editor: Recently, life or in this case death taught me a very valuable lesson I hope I never forget. My hope is that I've learned what's important in life, no matter how busy I am to make and spend time with the people who are important to me and whom I enjoy. You can't fixregret.

His death taught me that there are just some people you meet that you should befriend, you know it, and you see them in passing and say to yourself "I need to go spend some quality time with them." You want to spend quality time, but you just don't get the job done for one reason or another. It automatically qualifies you as an acquaintance, not a friend and it's your unfortunate loss when it's too late.

In my life time, I passed and spoke to both Chance and Donna Brockway many times. We were at many meetings and events together, but only once did I give myself the gift and spend fivefabulous personal hours with him. It seemed like ten minutes to me at the time. Now I know it was just one second out of a life time of seconds.

This gentle man, our crowning jewel and huge Buckeye Lake area asset, passed away with little fanfare in my humble opinion. He was a quiet unassuming man who stayed near his officeand garage like a librarian who just plain enjoyed people and educating them. Moreover, he was a giving soul. He helped many, many people and was a huge part of the creation of the Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society Museum. He was a living witness to many important events. His heart and mind held excellent stories that only he could tell which is our greatest loss.

I can tell you this, if there is something you needed to know about Buckeye Lake history and you needed documentation, Chance had it. If there was something you wanted to see before it changed, Chance had photos of it. Just about anything that happened was documented by Chance.

My hope is his archives will remain with his family like a high valued closely held stock. My hope is that they will share this valuable information from time to time with the public as it is like Chance was - one of a kind.

To Donna and Chance's family, I am sorry this letter is so late in coming. If this letter hits home to any of you who have not made the time for someone important, please do two things. Make that time and also send a donation to any hospice in Chance's name.

One more thing, if you haven't needed hospice, you've been very lucky and you will probably dismiss this request. However, if you have ever had the sad privilege of working beside them with a loved one, you will always have a dollar to donate from that day on.

With all my respect to Donna and Chance's extended family.

Tori Wolfe West Bank

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