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More Letters: Wells is still waiting for Commission minutes


Buckeye Lake Planning Commission Chair Karen Cookston has still not been able to come up with the public records I've requested. The village staff said they contacted Cookston, but they have still not located the April or May planning commission minutes.

The meeting agendas call for approval of previous minutes so obviously the chair was not prepared if she did not have the minutes available for approval at the subsequent meetings. However, the June minutes state the May minutes were approved. But no one knows where the May minutes are.

I was told by the officestaff that it's possible that either the April or May meeting was cancelled, but they're not sure which one. It's unclear when they'll have the answer because other things have been taking priority. Meanwhile, I'm simply trying to get some public records.

A Letter to the Editor appeared in last week's Beacon in Cookston's defense supposedly from Kellie Green, Cookston's domestic partner.

Her defense is that Mayor Foster removed the village clerk who would normally be taking the minutes. That's a poor excuse. Here's why - the village hall is equipped with microphones and a new recording device - all you have to do is PUSH A BUTTON! The recording can be transcribed later .

I just received the March and July meetings on CD. On the CD of July's meeting, Cookston introduces Kellie Green as the temporary secretary taking minutes. It appears that she is also the acting secretary on the CD of the March meeting. However, there is still no written record of those meetings available at the village hall. Did the village pay her to take minutes?

In last week's letter, Kellie (or Karen) hoped that I would get a "sudden epifinay"to which I would like to suggest that Cookston is the one who needs to get an epiphany about her duties as a public officialand the significanceof access to public records.

Peggy A. Wells Buckeye Lake

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