2007-07-28 / Editorials & Letters

Writer asks for some courtesy, respect in Kirkersville


For some time now, I have been reading the letters submitted to you regarding the Village of Kirkersville. After reading the letter in last week's Beacon, I feel moved to write one of my own.

I grew up in Kirkersville. I moved away for some years and came back with my own family in November of 2004. I have not yet received a ticket since I've moved to Kirkersville. It could be because I'm a resident on Community Drive, or it could be because I drive safely and obey the speed limits and traffic laws. The sign says speed limit, not speed suggestion. I don't observe my neighbors breaking the law either. Maybe people on Community Drive aren't avoiding trouble because of preferential treatment, but because people on Community Drive aren't making trouble.

The last letter that I read criticizing the Kirkersville Police made me angry. I'm a mom, and I want to say thank you for each of the citations mentioned in last week's letter. Maybe the next time those folks come through our village, they'll do so with the understanding that our police officerscare about keeping our children safe, and will not allow their safety to be compromised by reckless drivers.

There was a complaint about money spent on gasoline. Gas is expensive, and you can't blame that on Mayor Evans. My husband and I spend over $440 in gasoline per month, and that's for one vehicle using the least expensive grade of fuel.

In regards to the paving complaint, I noticed that the letter did not say that the village fixed either complainant's car. The only difference was that Community Drive was repaired after the complaint, and Keller Road has yet to be. The rough road signs show acknowledgment of the problem, is it certain that there aren't any plans to repair Keller Road in the future? In the first incident, Mayor Evans did not say that the village was liable for damages only that they could be held liable. He said to the Keller Road resident only that there was no money to give her, not that the village isn't concerned that Keller Road is in disrepair. The letter mentioned that Community Drive is a dead end street. So it stands to reason that it would be less expensive to repair than a long road such as Keller. Could it be possible that the difference in expense made it easier to repair Community Drive promptly, and that it may take more time to appropriate the funds necessary to properly repair a much longer road?

Signs, a chainsaw, and a hard drive sound like normal expenditures to me. I don't have any problem with the village hiring a fiscal officer;I like the idea of entrusting the money to a professional. In addition, I remember the village asking for input regarding water and sewer. Regarding the "GOB's" asking for our vote on an operating levy in November, well, would we rather they didn't ask for our vote and simply put a levy into effect? It's incomprehensible to me that anyone would complain about having the opportunity to vote.

I've learned that my own life is better after cleaning up my own backyard. Then, I can think about a positive way to contribute to a situation. Perhaps with less name-calling and accusations of corruption, better communication could happen. Often, all it takes is courtesy and respect to improve a situation.

If all else fails, and I cannot improve with positive measures a situation that I am unhappy with, I've learned that I can always remove myself from that situation. I don't ever have to stay someplace where I am unhappy.

Erika Mudd Kirkersville

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