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'Watchdog' says road repairs depend on where you live


At the June Kirkersville Council meeting, a Keller Road resident complained that the potholes damaged her car. She was told that there is "no relief that the village could compensate her with." However, prior to paving Community Drive a complaint exactly like this was received from a neighbor of Mayor Bennie Evans in what I, and several others, believed was an attempt to get the dead end Community Drive paved. The mayor warned council then that the village could be held liable for the damages to this man's car.

This Keller Road resident's problem is not only that her car is damaged, but there are no Kirkersville GOB's (Good Ole Boys) living on Keller Road! They did come along and put up some "Rough Road" signs! How comforting is that to the children riding in a school bus down Keller Road or to the citizen whose car is being destroyed?

According to public records, 70 traffic stops resulted in 54 citations just from ONE officerin SEVEN days! Two other officers, combined, made a total of 20 traffic stops and wrote 14 citations for the month of June.

Gasoline was purchased three times on Monday, June 18 at a total cost of 117.51! Total fuel cost for the month of June was $440. Since the cruisers are no longer being parked at town hall, the mileage has dropped down to as low as 6.9 mpg.

The June 11 minutes show that the GOB's are in negotiations with Southwest Licking Community Water and Sewer District. However, to my knowledge, there have been no water meetings and no mention of meetings of the water committee that was formed some time ago. Apparently they don't want anymore public input regarding the water.

The minutes also reflectthat the GOB's are going to ask for your vote on the operating levy in November.

Here are some other mentions in the minutes that you may findinteresting:

Motion to allow $500.00 for new signs;

Motion to allow $400.00 to purchase chain saw;

Motion to allow $300.00 to purchase a hard drive; and a

Motion to discontinue the officeofclerk/ treasurer and hire a fiscal officer!

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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