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Writer defends Cookston, attacks Wells


I am writing in response to the editorial published by Peggy Wells relating to Karen Cookston striking out. Most people in our community read negative articles by Ms. Wells and negate to respond due to the fact the Ms. Wells seems to have a mysterious and powerful connection to the Beacon, which often gives the Beacon the reputation of being an extremely bias and one sided media venue. I however was extremely offended by Ms. Well's editoiral and will voice my opinion because I know the Karen will not.

As for the lack of minutes being avalilabe for the Planning and Zoning Comission meetings, it should be noted the Mayor Foster removed a Village clerk from the payroll. One of the responsibilities of this "paid" clerk was to take minutes at the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings. It should not be the resonsibility of anyone on the commission to manage arranging for someone to take minutes. These public servants already spend enough hours a week preparing for meetings and managing the business related to the Commission. It is virtually impossible to run a Commission meeting and take minutes at the same time.

Karen goes above and beyond the call of duty in her roll with the Planning and Zoning commission. Often she is in her officeworking until nine and ten at night becasue she spent precious hours during the day working for Buckeye Lake Village. Karen took on the responsibility, never complains about the time and energy it takes and I findit insulting that Ms. Wells can never findanything positive to say to our community.

I am also tired of hearing and reading about Karen not being a full time resident of this community. Ms. Wells continues to beat this dead horse. Karen and I have numerous properties in this community which we manage and care for. We open our properties for our friends, family and Cranberry Bay Home Owners Association at various times during the year. Karen's business practice is located in Worthington, Ohio, because she needs to be within easy access to her clients; however, she spends more time here then many of our residents who pack up and go to Florida during the year. Karen votes in our community, pays property taxes in our community and is focued on making this a better place for all of us to live.

In closing I would like to state that being an active member of Cranberrybay Homewoners Association is not a conflictof interest. What we need in this Village is for more people who belong to the various residential pockets of our community to step forward and take an active role. The conflictof interest happens when you live in a community and sit back and do nothing to improve your community.

As a resident of Buckeye Lake Village I have two small wishes. One is for more people in our community to step forward and voice exactly how they feel about Ms. Wells and her negativity; to finally scream, "Enough is enough!" Second is for Ms. Wells to have a sudden epifinayand see that if she took only 10% of her negative energy and used it for the good, she could actually do some incredible things for this Village.

Kellie Green

Buckeye Lake

Editor's Note: This Letter is an EXACT digital copy of Kellie Green's email to us, except we added "editor" at the beginning and removed the writer's street address and telephone number. In response to Karen Cookston's complaints, we pledged some time ago to reprint her letters exactly as she sent them. We have done the same for Kellie Green. The spelling errors etc. are in the original.

We should point out that Green is responding to a Letter to the Editor written by Peggy Wells, not an editorial or an article. Editorials are only written by the editor. Articles are written by reporters and the editor, and include a byline.

There is nothing mysterious about getting a letter published in the Beacon. Simply write about an issue of public interest and follow our simple guidelines. We have probably published 99.9 percent of the signed letters sent to us. Anonymous letters are NEVER published. Letters, like this one, criticizing the Beacon and frequent letter writers are welcome.

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