2007-07-14 / Editorials & Letters

Another Letter: Wells says Cookston has struck out


I've been trying for months to get current minutes of the Buckeye Lake Village Planning and Zoning Commission. Service Director Tim Matheny has been very responsive but he cannot provide minutes that do not exist. The last minutes provided to him are from February 2007. I've made phone calls, stopped by the officeand made a formal public records request. This week I was finally able to get minutes from June. But where are the minutes from March, April and May? The June minutes refer to the approval of May 1 minutes but they are no where to be found.

Planning Commission Chair Karen is obviously not doing her job. Appointed officials have an obligation to the public to make certain public records are available for public review in a timely fashion. As Commission Chair, it's her responsibility to make sure the record is complete. I've been patiently waiting for months to see the previous months' minutes. The village staff cannot provide what they do not have.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the third strike against Cookston: 1) She's not a full-time resident of our village; 2) She has a huge conflictof interest due to her past and present positions held with the Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association; and 3) She does not fulfillher obligations related to public records. Three strikes and you're out, Karen. Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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