2007-07-07 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Baltimore + June 18: Police turned over a dog to animal control that was running free in the West Market and Washington streets area.

+ June 18: Police checked suspicious persons at West Market and Walnut streets. They were advised.

+ June 18: Glass in the roadway at Market and Main streets was removed.

+ June 20: Suspicious persons on North Liberty Street were checked and advised.

+ June 21: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeon Canal Road.

+ June 22: The parents of some juveniles creating a noise disturbance around Fairview Avenue and S. Mill Street were advised.

+ June 22: Police were called to a Washington Street address about an assault. When police determined it occurred in Lancaster, the complainant was referred to Lancaster Police.

+ June 22: Police responded to a domestic dispute in Alt Park. One party was arrested and taken to jail.

+ June 22: Police were called about a domestic dispute on Washington Street. Both parties were advised after the victim refused a report.

Buckeye Lake

+ June 28: Police received a report of suspicious people near the Dollar General store. The "suspicious people's" dog was just put to sleep at the nearby PetPlex Animal Hospital and they were upset.

+ June 28: Police assisted a firedepartment with a private water craft incident at the North Shore Boat Ramp.

+ June 28: While refueling his cruiser, an officernoticed a car stereo and a laptop computer in the trunk of the vehicle next to him. The person who owned the vehicle couldn't produce proof of ownership. The items were confiscatedand the laptop was later determined to be stolen.

+ June 29: A West 4th Street woman reported someone shattered the rear left window of her vehicle.

+ June 30: A Park Street man said several items were removed from his garage.

+ July 1: A person found a purse on the ground and turned it over to police.

+ July 2: A Walnut Road woman reported that $100 was missing from her recovered purse.

Hebron + June 2: Police met a man trying to repossess a vehicle. He asked police to watch for the vehicle and noted that it was often being driven by an unlicensed driver.

+ June 2: A Thornville woman called police about a lost wallet. She said she last had it at Lancers Inn.

+ June 2: Police were called about juveniles drinking and an active fight at the Canal Road apartments. Police didn't find anything when they arrived.

+ June 2: Police were flagged down near Buckeye Outdoors by a man who said two teenagers had been throwing rocks at his daughter and a friend. The man told police he followed the boys to a Maple Drive home. He told police that he just wanted the boys to apologize. Police found the two sitting in a vehicle listening to music. They admitted to throwing rocks at a stop sign, but not at the girls so they refused to apologize. The complainant got upset and was told to leave the scene. He later decided to press charges and the report was sent to the prosecutor's officefor review of possible charges.

+ June 3: An air conditioner was reported missing from a Kelly Drive home being remodeled. A witness reported seeing the son of the woman who had lived there carrying something large out of a shed. The son called his mother while police were there and said he had taken the unit because he didn't have air conditioning in his apartment. He agreed to return it and was told by his mother to stay off the property.

+ June 3: A Westview Drive woman told police that a named woman kept calling and cursing her and her mother. The complainant said the woman had banged on their door earlier in the day. The complainant told police that the woman's husband was a friend of them, adding that the woman apparently believes her husband is sleeping with the complainant's mother. The woman was advised to stop calling.

+ June 3: Police were parked at the end of South High Street when approached by a teenager who said he ran from a Forest Ridge home after he saw police drive by. He told police that his step-father was drunk and pushed his mother out of the car when they came home and then started tearing up the house. Police called for assistance and went to the house. The man had some visual injuries but the woman didn't. Since the husband didn't want to press charges, police asked the woman to leave with the children for the night. She eventually agreed to leave.

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