2007-06-30 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


+ June 11: Police took a report of criminal damaging on Creekview Court.

+ June 12: Police found a dog at large at Water and Market streets. The owner was found and advised.

+ June 12: Police took a report about vandalism on North Basil Street.

+ June 12: Police were called to a dispute between neighbors on North Granville Street. Both parties were advised.

+ June 13: Police were called about a semi truck blocking the roadway at South Main Street and Creekview Drive. The driver moved the truck.

+ June 13: Police were called about criminal mischief on North Liberty Street. The parties were advised.

+ June 14: Police took a report of criminal damaging on Washington Street.

+ June 14 Police took a report of a theft on Yencer Street.

+ June 14: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's officewith a call on Leonard Road.

+ June 15: Police were called about an aggressive dog on Huntwork Street. The owner was advised.

+ June 15: Police assisted the firedepartment on a run to South Main Street and Creekview Drive. It was a false alarm.

+ June 15: Police responded to a report of a kidnapping and ag gravated robbery on North Main Street. Warrants have been issued for the arrest of the suspect.

Buckeye Lake

+ June 20: A West 1st Street man reported he was threatened by a neighbor.

+ June 21: An officerwas dispatched to Grandstaff Road about a fistfightbetween three women. All three admitted to fighting and were charged with assault.

+ June 21: A North Street woman reported that someone threw a cinder block through the windshield of her truck.

+ June 22: A man was struck while riding his bicycle on Highland Ave. The cyclist was going the wrong direction on Highland and the driver of the vehicle that struck him was driving under suspension. The driver was charged with DUS.

+ June 22: Assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a traffic stop on I-70 involving a gun.

+ June 22: A resident reported a sickly-looking stray dog. Animal control took possession of the dog.

+ June 22: A person turned in a wallet found at the North Shore Boat Ramp.

+ June 22: A Highland Ave. woman reported someone stole a large trash container from her property.

+ June 23: A New York woman reported someone stole her purse, although she said she left it unattended next to her vehicle for "a few minutes."

+ June 24: A 5th Street man was found injured above his right eye. He was treated by a squad but would not press any charges related to his injury.

+ June 24: A drunk with no identificationwas transported to Licking Memorial Hospital. The person was charged with public intoxication.

+ June 25: An officerassisted Kirkersville PD with administering a breath test to a suspected DUI. The person was charged with DUI.

+ June 25: Police assisted with a motorcycle accident on Mill Dam Road.


+ June 1: Police were called at 6:12 a.m. about a theft from a vehicle on Forest Ridge Drive. A radar detector and two cartons of cigarettes were taken. While there, police were dispatched to a report of another theft from a vehicle on nearby Lake Forest Drive. A DVD player was taken from a vehicle there. Another call from Lake Forest Drive came in where two credit cards were taken. The fourth and final report came from Oakhurst Avenue where a book bag was stolen from a vehicle. All four vehicles were left unlocked. Police are working several leads.

+ June 1: Police dispatched an injured deer found behind the water tower.

+ June 1: Police responded to an alarm drop at the Park National Bank ATM at Krogers. Police recognized several bank employees who had accidentally tripped the alarm.

+ June 1: Police checked out a report from a street department employee that juveniles were trying to pull up a street sign on South 6th Street at Deacon Street. No one was around the sign when police arrived.

+ June 1: Police were called about a 12-year old girl missing after a game at Canal Park. Her father located her by phone while police were there.

+ June 2: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with an injury accident on US 40 west of the village limits.

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