2007-06-30 / Editorials & Letters

Writer doesn't want Millersport to be anything like Buckeye Lake


As a Millersport resident, I had to take pause after reading the article about the increased police presence in the village. First I would like to say it is sad that we would even NEED more police protection, a sign of the times I guess. However, the comments of our council member Kenneth Brotherton disturbed me more. His statements about residents wanting "tickets written" and wanting people just as scared to drive in Millersport as they are in the Village of Buckeye Lake is shocking. This is definitely not, why the police levy was passed.

I, for one, do not want Millersport to resemble in any way, shape, or form the Village of Buckeye Lake. Do we really want OUR police officershiding behind trees and buildings waiting to catch someone? I know it is a favorite police tactic across the state, but we as a village need to ask ourselves: Do we want to stoop to that low of a level with that type of sleazy tactics to stop a few speeders?

That type of enforcement is only effective until all the speeders in town learn where the hiding spots are. Since they know we only have one officer,what do you think is happening in the rest of the village when they know were he is?

I, like everyone else in town, really do not care how many tickets are written. Only politicians like that so they can tell everyone what a good job they are doing. The residents will know if the police force is doing the job by the speed of the traffic - that is what matters.

To have people scared of coming to Millersport only degrades our finecommunity and the professionalism of the police force. Don't get me wrong; we have a few who choose to run at freeway speeds in town and I live on a street where that happens.

Therefore, I think that a more effective deterrent would be for our police cruiser to patrol the village concentrating on the busiest streets as that busy status changes with the time of year. This would give a presence that is more visible and keep the speeding down throughout the city, not just one spot. Yes, the financial cost is more to run the cruiser and it requires more work from the officer,but it takes no special training to watch cars go by and catch a few stupid fast drivers.

So I hope the Village will try a new approach and not try to scare us into compliance. It does not work. The only way to gain respect is to show respect and that doesn't include hiding in the bushes.

To Mr. Brotherton, do you really want to turn Millersport into a Buckeye Lake or worse a Kirkersville? Be careful what you ask for, you may get it!

Tom Saffle Millersport

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