2007-06-23 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

+ June 13: A Buckeye Lake grocery store owner charged an employee with stealing mercandise.

+ June 14: A parent reported that a juvenile assaulted her young son at Ryan Park. The parent filed a report, but no charges.

+ June 16: A West 3rd Street man reported someone drove into his fence, damaging it, then left the scene sometime during the night. The guilty party wasn't too difficultto locate as the vehicle's front license plate was torn from the vehicle upon impact and was laying beneath the fence.

+ June 16: Police investigated a false alarm at the Beachridge Lounge.

+ June 16: Police responded to a call from the Licking County Sheriff's Officeabout a domestic dispute on Hunt's Landing Road. Police found it was only a verbal dispute and no charges were filed.

+ June 17: A North Bank Road man reported someone slashed an inflatable slide tied to his dock.

+ June 17: A Columbus man reported someone stole a laptop computer and cash from his vehicle.

+ June 17: A Cranberry Lane resident said someone stole an I-Pod from his vehicle.

+ June 17: A Zanesville woman reported someone shattered a window from her vehicle.

+ June 17: A West 1st Street man said his car stereo was stolen.

+ June 17: A Walnut Road man found his car was dented overnight.

+ June 17: A Slocum woman reported she found a purse on property. It was returned to its owner.

+ June 17: An officerarrested a man who had a warrant for his arrest out of Buckeye Lake. The man was eating at the Buckeye Lake Wendy's.

+ June 17: The throttle became stuck on a Columbus man's Moped. He couldn't stop and rear-ended a car near Albanese's Food Gallery. He was injured and cited for failure to control, no operator's license, and failure to register the Moped.

+ June 18: A Walnut Road man reported that someone tried to break into his home, but was unsuccessful.

+ June 19: A Walnut Road resident asked police to remove an unwanted guest from her home.

+ June 20: An officerlocated a vehicle reported as stolen. entrance. Police ran the license plate and it came back to a Ford Escort and expired. The registered owner was also under multiple license suspensions. After waiting for the driver to come back out of the store, police charged the Thornville woman with driving under suspension, fictitious tags and possession of drug paraphernalia after inventorying the vehicle for impoundment.

+ May 4: A Westview Drive woman told police that a former friend had put false statements about her on myspace.com. After determining that no threats had been made, police told her it was a civil matter.

+ May 5: Police responded to an alarm drop at 3:17 a.m. at Brad's Recycling. Everything checked out OK.

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