2007-06-16 / Editorials & Letters

Loss of Chance Brockway leaves a great void at Buckeye Lake


A wonderful era at Buckeye Lake changed forever this past Saturday when Chance Brockway died at the age of eighty-eight. A life-long resident of the Lake, Chance was also one of its most ardent supporters and true historians. He was also one of those men you knew was a very good human being from the first time you shook hands.

To the great good fortune of many of those of us who came along later, he not only knew a great deal of the Lake's history, he recorded it and documented it, and was instrumental in forming a historical society and having a vibrant museum constructed for the preservation of that history. And while he always made clear that Donna and their extended family were the true love of his life, it was apparent the Lake was also held dear.

Chance's absence creates a void that can never fully be filled. While a great deal of history can be passed on with photos and the written word, it takes a special person willing to recreate images from glass negatives in a digital world; and while one can learn much from books written on history, that learning suffers a little when compared to the history that can be gleaned while perched on a stool in a paper and photo filled garage on North Bank with someone who has lived the history being learned.

Those of us fortunate enough to have known Chance will always treasure those memories and what we learned. For those of you not so lucky, I encourage you to stop by and support the Greater Buckeye Lake Museum and view the results of his efforts.

Boyd Ferris Harbor Hills

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