2007-06-16 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

+ June 4: Officerswere dispatched to PetPlex Animal Hospital where a man was reportedly driving through the parking lot wielding a gun. Shortly afterward, the man was discovered at Walnut Road residence where he'd shot himself. He was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital, but died soon after being admitted.

+ June 6: A juvenile girl's grandmother refused to release the girl to officersfrom the Ohio Youth Advocate Program, who were under court orders to place her in foster care. The grandmother claimed she had permission to retain custody of the girl, but the officersbelieved otherwise. The grandmother was charged with interfering with custody and obstructing officialbusiness.

+ June 6: An officerassisted Hebron Police with an unruly subject. Hebron Police tased the subject twice to get him under control.

+ June 6: Police were advised that a registered sex offender stopped at a vacant house on Cliff Street. The person was gone when police arrived.

+ June 9: A West 2nd Street woman reported several items were missing from her garage.

+ June 9: A Leroy Street woman reported her fiveyear old son was missing. He was found hiding in the bathroom.

+ June 9: A Walnut Road man was apprehended on an arrest warrant out of Muskingum County.

+ June 9: Officerswere called to an illegal bonfireon West 2nd Street. The person at the scene said her mother owned the property and she was helping her clean it. She decided to have a fire. Police cited her for starting a firewithout a permit.

+ June 10: An officersecured a jet ski after an accident near the North Shore Boat Ramp.

+ June 10: A resident reported a raccoon was having seizures in a field near East Street. Police report the raccoon was dispatched.

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