2007-06-09 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

+ May 30: A Mill Street man reported someone broke into his home and stole a cell phone, his driver's license, keys, and fifth of Crown Royal.

+ June 1: A Walnut Road woman reported someone entered her unlocked vehicle and removed CDs and cash.

+ June 1: A Tennessee man reported someone stole his wallet from his unlocked vehicle.

+ June 1: A Walnut Road man reported someone removed several items from his unlocked vehicle.

+ June 1: A Worth Drive man reported someone removed several items from his unlocked vehicle.

+ June 1: A Hebron man reported someone removed several items from his unlocked vehicle.

+ June 1: A Fair Oaks man reported that his four feet long iguana escaped and please call him if someone reports seeing a "big lizard."

+ June 1: A Super 8 Motel employee reported that a guest drove his car into the building. Damage was minor and no charges were pressed.

+ June 2: Officersfound an intoxicated juvenile trying to start a fight in the Wendy's parking lot. Once he was placed in the back of a cruiser, the juvenile started banging his head against its glass window, trying to break it. He refused to stop and was tased after several warnings. An officerrode in the back of the cruiser with him to keep him from continuing to smack his head into the window.

+ June 2: A young woman reported her infant daughter missing. The infant was found safe just minutes after her mother filed the report.

+ June 3: The Licking County Sheriff's Department requested assistance with recovering a stolen vehicle.

+ June 3: A Worth Drive woman reported that someone entered her unlocked vehicle, but nothing was missing.


+ May 1: Police responded to a report of a suspicious person lying down in a vehicle at the Park National Bank parking lot. The man told police he had worked the third shift and was resting while he was waiting for the bank to open.

+ May 1: A bank manager at Park National Bank reported a suspicious person in the bank who just looked around and then left. The man left his vehicle in the parking lot and walked down the street. Police found him in his vehicle in the lot. Police said he first told them he was waiting for the barbershop to open. When police pointed out that it was already open, he said he was thinking of moving to Hebron and was just checking out the town. He need changed his story again. This time he knew a girl who used to work at the deli and he was checking to see if she was around. Police checked him for outstanding warrants and found none. Police later learned that he had been convicted previously for felony theft, but had served his time.

+ May 1: Police made a traffic stop for excessive speed on Canal Road and discovered the driver was under suspension. Police later found a marijuana pipe in the vehicle and added a third charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

+ May 1: Police were called to a crash on Ohio 79 at Enterprise Drive. One driver was cited for failure to assure clear distance ahead after rear ending another vehicle.

+ May 2: A North 6th Street woman told police she left her purse at Odd Lots in Heath. A man later dropped it off at her home. The woman was concerned that the man might have her Social Security number. She wanted the incident documented and gave police a piece of paper with the man's first name and two phone numbers. He offered to do some mechanical work for her.

+ May 2: A woman was cited for wrongful entrustment of a motor vehicle after allegedly knowingly allowing her boyfriend to drive her truck without having a driver's license.

+ May 3: A manager at Harry and David reported a suspicious person and vehicle driving around Jackson Elementary School when she was dropping off her child at school. She told police she last saw the vehicle in the Kroger store parking lot. Police found the vehicle there, and checked with the sheriff's officedeputy assigned to Lakewood Schools. The driver was known to the deputy, so police didn't question the driver.

+ May 3: Police saw a man sitting along East Main Street near Ohio 79 who looked like he was hitchhiking. He told police he was trying to get to his home in Oregon. He was told he couldn't hitchhike in Hebron. Police gave him a courtesy ride to the Pilot Travel Center.

+ May 3: Police were called about a domestic dispute at a South 6th Street apartment at 10:58 p.m. A woman there said she and her husband were arguing about a daughter living with them. The husband was upset because his daughter kept taking the batteries from his TV remote. Her husband verified her story. She wanted him to leave for the night so she could get some rest for work. He agreed.

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