2007-06-09 / Editorials & Letters

Writer responds to concerns about parade route


I normally don't get involved in the sometimes mean-spirited, hateful letters that pass back and forth through The Beacon, but I believe I must respond to the recent letter from Tom and Belva Wiseman.

First, I want to make it clear that these are my personal thoughts and opinions and may not reflectthose of my fellow board members. The Board of the Friends of the Buckeye Lake Library did not plan or organize the Memorial Day Parade. We were participants like all the other groups that day.

That said, I think the parade organizers did an excellent job and I appreciate the time and energy that these folks took from their busy personal lives to make such a successful event.

I think the recommendation that the parade route extend to the village firehouse is an excellent one. I believe the organizers will seriously consider that as they plan next year's event. However, their decision to end at the state park was sincere, with no malicious intent nor devious plan to scam local people or businesses. I believe they wanted to end the parade at a spot where children, other participants and spectators could celebrate post parade safely without risk of accident or injury. Personally for me, I enjoyed seeing everyone enjoying ice cream and playing around the fountain and new beach.

I sincerely do want to apologize to Joe Albanese and others if they felt slighted by the parade route. Joe has been a strong supporter of the library before the Memorial Day weekend and came to the rescue of the parade organizers by coming up with most of the money for a band so we could have music when we thought there was going to be none. We greatly appreciate that!

Lastly, I would like to suggest that if folks want to support local businesses and the people of this community, they should use the time spent writing letters doing something more constructive such as volunteering for activities or organizations that are trying to improve the lives of the people of Buckeye Lake. Pam Reed, Board President Friends of the Buckeye Lake Library

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