2007-06-02 / Editorials & Letters

One more Letter: Put the blame where it belongs


How can Buckeye Lake Village Council and some residents put the blame for the levy defeat on The Beacon and "ilk." They need to open their eyes and look in the mirror. Who decided to put the "no water bill" on us? Who wouldn't let us vote on it?

So we are now paying it on our taxes and have nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, nothing is being done about the rundown properties in the village. A house on Seymour is literally falling down. There is a dump truck up on blocks on Seymour that doesn't even have a motor in it. But don't leave a car untagged, because they'll be right on you.

Back when Jack Fisk and I were on council, Jack was working hard to get our water from Licking County. His efforts were rejected because we had to have our own system. Now we're going to talk directly with Hebron. Wow, they finally have admitted that we can't afford our own system.

It's time for council to stop trying to blame others for their mistakes. Brenda Hileman Buckeye Lake

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