2007-06-02 / Editorials & Letters

More Letters: 'Watchdog' looking for accountability in Kirkersville


The final results of the May 8th election are in. The operating levy in Kirkersville has failed for the second time. This means the citizens of Kirkersville want accountability for their tax dollars. But look for the GOB's (Good Ole' Boys) to try one more time to get you to pass this levy. Also look for the upcoming candidates in the November election. I do believe the mayor and two council positions (Steve Piatt and James Kincaid) are up for reelection this year.

As for accountability, just in the past week, on at least two occasions, the Kirkersville Police were nowhere around when they could have been useful. But not only were there no police officersin town, the cruisers were also gone! Are the police officers driving the cruisers home since the price of gas went up? That's certainly how it seems to many of us.

Your tax dollars are also being spent somewhere else. One of the GOB's has been on disability for many, many years. However, he is able to drive around this town monitoring what everyone else is doing and making sure that everyone is toeing the line. But, recently this GOB crossed the line! He was seen videotaping my daughter and I as though we were under some kind of surveillance. I consider this a very serious intrusion because of an incident that happened in the past. Late one night, someone stood in the field across the street from my house and aimed a laser beam at my daughter through her bedroom window. We do not know if it was a laser pointer or a gun with a laser sight. So far we haven't positively identified the person.

It doesn't look like the antics of the GOB's are going to stop and as long as they keep it up, I will continue to write.

So, to any GOB who wants to keep their eyes on me and my family, just know that there are many eyes reading the Beacon each week. Bonnie Mansfield Kirkersville

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