2007-06-02 / Editorials & Letters

Buckeye Lake Village should stop blaming others


After reading a Letter to the Editor last week, I can't help but speak now. Things happen around the lake which make me angry and it's difficultto hold my tongue. I'm advised I have to pick my battles carefully because of my other activities. I try to stay positive and upbeat for the good of the area. It is incredible how hard that is and some topics just can't be left unaddressed.

I believe any business, group, association, village, town, city or state is only as good as its leaders. If the leader is good, the entity usually runs well. There are examples of good leaders all around our area if you are smart enough to see and understand what a leader is. A leader puts out fires and replaces them with positive motion pushing toward a goal. A leader understands he or she is only as successful as the people they have surrounded themselves with and shares credit for success.

For as long as I can remember, Buckeye Lake Village residents don't seem to understand the concept of a good leader. Particularly puzzling to me is how some personalities completely change once they take officein Buckeye Lake.

When people from Columbus ask me (and they do) what's up with the Village of Buckeye Lake, I always answer, "The water is bad there, and they can't help themselves." It's apparent to those of us watching from the outside that most village leaders are their own worst enemy.

Every small town has problems as many around here do. The difference here is this village carries the same name as the lake and its geographical location makes it the entrance to the lake for many visitors. Its history as the home of the Buckeye Lake Amusement Park has always made it infamous by default. Being brought up on Buckeye Lake, I wish the village was the huge asset it has the potential to be to this lake resort.

To be brutally honest with you, I think some of the village leaders would get in a fight with themselves in a dark room. However, when those leaders point fingers toward an entity that is an asset to the area and try to blame it for the village's dysfunction, then you've pushed me to put a dog in the fight.

I will only say this once as a warning to those who blame the Beacon for the hole they're in. Next to my love for this lake is my affection for this small town paper. If you could pull your heads out of your…village long enough to see the big picture, you would see what Charlie Prince brings to the table here. That table encompasses a much larger area then your little corner of the world.

How dare you? How dare you? Until you bring something to contribute to this area instead of embarrassing it constantly and consistently, I believe you should keep your opinions to yourself. Who are you to suggest the Beacon findanother home? The most tragic part of bashing this paper is that you are completely oblivious to how much he cares and wants to see you succeed and prosper. Blaming the messenger is easy, but it doesn't fixanything. Fixing your problems becomes easy if you pick the right leaders. The fact is you have too many overbearing, self motivated, ego-inflatedpeople who want to run everything and not enough people actually working and doing their homework. Dah!

But here is what you need to know now, if you continue to blame the Beacon, you will think JB Cain has risen from the dead. My letters to the Beacon about your little village will have people rolling around, crying with laughter and, sadly, it will all be true. It's time to accept responsibility for your problems and turn that ugly duckling of a village into the swan it should and could be. Get water into that village as quickly and cheaply as possible, then watch it grow!!!!! Tory Wolfe South Bank

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