2007-06-02 / Editorials & Letters

Some businesses shortchanged by parade


The Buckeye Lake Library's Memorial Day parade Saturday in Buckeye Lake was a disgrace to some local businesses. They were asked for donations and helped out, but the parade stopped at the North Shore boat ramp.

People were lined up all the way to the grocery store. Joe Albanese and another donor paid for the Circleville Pumpkin Show Band to come when it looked like no local bands could participate. The other businesses - Lakeside Diner, Buckeye Lake Hardware, CatfishCharley's - helped sponser this parade and they were scammed by the library. Do you want businesses to come into this community and be a part of it, take their money and treat them like that. If I were a business I would think twice about starting up here.

The town leaders need to stand behind our local businesses and let the library board know that was an insult. My husband and I would never sponsor another event in this area if we owned a business. As citizens of Buckeye Lake, we were shocked at this and hope the other citizens of Buckeye Lake feel the same way. Tom and Belva Wiseman Buckeye Lake

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