2007-06-02 / Editorials & Letters

Writer has plan to evaluate the Beacon's impact on levies


Let me see if I have this correct. A person can't trust what is read in the Beacon because they (the Beacon) gets it all wrong, and the police-fire-safety levy was defeated because too many people read the Beacon and believed what it said.

With the above in mind, that should give The Committee for a Safe Community an idea for their strategy in the fall. The last committee had at least one flyer and one ad in the paper for the last levy, maybe more. This time there needs to be at least two flyers. The first flyer should go to everyone's house and business in the community mentioning the upcoming safety levy and mentioning on the flyer that until after the election in November that no one should read the Beacon since you can't believe what is printed in that paper anyway. Close to election time, in a flyer to all residents, the facts can be mentioned about the levy and all the good things that the levy will provide for the community.

Between the two flyers mentioned above, there may need to be additional flyers go out. If the levy committee determines after the first flyer that people are reading the Beacon, then another flyer needs to go out and again remind people not to read the Beacon. This flyer (and maybe additional ones) which reminds residents not to read the Beacon, can also remind residents that the levy committee will print the truth about the levy sometime before the November election.

Now, by applying my science background, if the levy is passed in November, we will know that the committee was successful in getting people not to read the Beacon, since the levy has been defeated in the past after people read the paper.

If, however, the levy goes down after Buckeye Lake voters did not read the Beacon for several months, I don't have the answer. I guess someone else will have to suggest a levy strategy beyond this November, since by a defeat again, we will know that either reading or not reading the Beacon has no effect on a levy passage.

Isn't this a great country? Tom Tweedle Millersport

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