2007-05-26 / Editorials & Letters

Apparently you can sell 'swampland'


Years ago, when I was a kid in New Jersey, I would hear the hear the phrase, "yada…yada…yada…and I'll sell you some swamp land in Florida." At that time of my life, I didn't know what was meant by the part of "selling swamp land in Florida." Well, last Saturday, I think I got to see for myself.

A half-mile down North Bank Road from Pizza Cottage was an auction of four swamp lots (or in Ohio these lots might be called wetlands partially filled in, and if they aren't wetlands, then they certainly flood whenever a prolonged rain occurs).

These lot acreages were .1811, .2276, .3189 and .4102 with 70-foot frontage for the three large trapezoids and 130-foot frontage for the smallest triangular piece.

Well, bids of $17,000, $15,000, $7,000 and $7,000 were placed for the four lots (biggest to smallest). As this was a reserve auction, the owner might still reject these bids and try to make more money on this real estate.

Well, I have finally seen for myself people bidding $46,000 for a little more than an acre of real estate, that often floods after a heavy rain.

Wow! I guess you can sell swampland in Florida (or elsewhere), and make money legally by doing so.

Isn't this a great country? Tom Tweedle Millersport

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