2007-05-19 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says he was told to stay out of Buckeye Lake


I recently returned to the Buckeye Lake area after a six-year absence. I missed the relaxed lifestyle and natural environment of the lake and had been looking forward to a release from the urban confusion of the city. I went to Buckeye Lake Hardware to purchase a stove and refrigerator where I found the service to be excellent and the staff professional and friendly.

Having had problems with the Buckeye Lake Police Department in the past, I phone Chief Ron Small and politely requested that I not be harassed when I am in the village. The chief told me to "say out of the village."

Consequently, I have reluctantly joined others in taking my home improvement dollars back to Heath and Newark where I won't have to worry about police harassment.

I believe it is important to inform local small business owners about this issue as I have read several complaint letters about a particular Buckeye Lake officerand hope there may be an opportunity for change.

It saddens me to see the economic growth of such an intimate and otherwise mutually supportive community thwarted by public officials telling citizens to "stay out of the village." Dennis Hoffman Edgewater Beach

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