2007-05-19 / Editorials & Letters

Here's the first BLASST letter of the season


Hello and I hope everyone made it through winter without too much trauma. I know you're happy to see the sun again at any rate.

Much is going on around the lake, with the BLASST and in general. I've been home for only a week or so and have found everyone so busy now that the weather is bearable…

The first thing I did was go to the Buckeye Lake Eagles for the big drawing which hadn't been won in many months. Oh, the crowd bustling with anticipation hoping to hear their named called! Needless to say the person who won went dancing out the door with a smile wrapped around her head. In as much as I love to go to the Eagles, they made an announcement that at the end of that night the ash trays were being pulled from the tables. I realize they have to follow the law… but what a bummer… yet another place I can't go to relax! The way I see it, next you will be limited on your alcohol in-take or there will be a gizmo attached to your ignition to test your blood alcohol level before you can turn your car on. It's coming…just wait and see! Still, I love my country…don't take me wrong.

Anyway the BLASST T-shirts are close to being done. I love my artist Scott Clark…damn is he talented! What a design! Rhonda Carte is busy working on our soon-to-be website. I will give you the details later. Marty and the Redneck women have the golf outing well in hand. Marty is still looking for hole sponsors. To sponsor a hole at the Redneck golf outing and to promote your business while making a donation to the BLASST, call Marty at 467-3120.

The big news for this community is the poker run that was put together primarily by Michele Glen and sponsored by the Island house and Captain Ron's. The goal was to raise funds for this tri-county fireworks display. The weather didn't really cooperate until later in the day, but I was told everyone ended up having a great time. I would do more specific thanking if I knew who to thank but Michele and I haven't had time to share information yet. We owe a huge thanks to everyone who participated while raising $3,559.77!!!!!! Woa-hoo! And a big thank you! I am only sorry I wasn't here to watch all the fun.

I volunteered to help Merv Bartholow, Mary Suphen and the BLACA for the annual Tour of Homes this year. I am looking for dock workers. If you know me personally, don't bother to run away because I will findyou anyway. Please just volunteer with a smile on your face. It's one day - August 12th for six hours of your time - for your community. Please call me to volunteer (928-4446).

I believe everyone should get involved with their community in some way, big or small. It's called a selflessact, with no personal agenda. I just love people who commit selfless acts with no personal agenda. They are smarter people than most. The fact is, the karma comes back to them three fold, but that's a secret. I know folks who will NEVER get that karma. That is as it should be! Victoria Wolfe Co-Chair of BLASST

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