2007-05-12 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


+ April 24: Police found an open door on North Basil Street. The building was checked and secured.

+ April 24: Police took a report of a theft on West Market Street.

+ April 24: Police responded to an alarm drop at a West Market Street building. It checked OK.

+ April 25: Police responded to an alarm drop at a South Walnut Street building. Everything checked OK.

+ April 26: Police assisted on a squad run on West Market Street.

+ April 26: A motorist locked out of a vehicle on West Market Street was assisted. Entry was gained.

+ April 26: Police assisted the driver of a disabled vehicle on West Market Street at Basil Western Road.

+ April 29: Police took a report of vandalism at the middle school/ high school complex.

+ April 29: Police advised a loud party on East Market Street at Park Street.

+ April 29: Police took a report of a theft at a Romulus Street home.

+ April 29: Police responded to an alarm drop at a Holder Road address. Everything checked OK.

Buckeye Lake

+ April 17: An officersaid a woman reported that someone wrote her daughter's phone number and made obscene remarks about her on one of the skate ramps in Ryan Park. The officerreported that he authorized her request to cover the phone number and obscene remarks with paint. The next day, there were numerous large spots of paint on the ramps at the park. Several juveniles are being interviewed about the incident and the matter is being referred to the prosecutor's officefor possible charges.

+ May 2: A vehicle was found abandoned on Mill Dam Road.

+ May 2: A Walnut Road woman said someone broke into her trailer and stole a video game unit and a DVD player.

+ May 2: Someone reported a possible medical emergency within a vehicle parked on Mill Dam Road. Police and emergency services were dispatched, only to finda person laying in the back seat chatting on a cell phone. There was no emergency.

+ May 4: A West 1st Street woman said her granddaughter's ex-boyfriend was making harassing phone calls to her home.

+ May 6: A West 7th Street woman requested police to tell a man he was no longer welcome in her home and he needed to leave. He left without incident.

+ May 6: Police were dispatched to Newark to assist with a suicide attempt by overdose. Person failed in suicide attempt and was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital.

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